Personal Training

At Run by Women, we also provide one on one training …

Depending on your fitness goal we can tailor a program that is specific to your needs.

Starting with a fitness assessment, a program will be developed that bests suits you. It is important that the exercise program is manageable and enjoyable while at the same time achieving results. We will support and encourage you along the way making it as fun as possible! Additional exercises routines will be provided so that you can continue to exercise on non-contact days.

These training programs can be purchased in 6 week blocks and include a minimum of 2 contact sessions per week.

For those that have a desire to run we also offer one on one run coaching. Whether you are a beginner or already running we can develop a training program that will see you achieve your personal best in the fun run you have chosen to enter. It is such a great feeling to be a part of an event and cross that finish line with a smile at the end of it! Running may be seen to be an individual sport however to feel confident enough with your running to join a group is a terrific way of meeting people.

Run programs can be purchased in 8 week blocks and include a tailored program to get you to race day plus your choice of either 1 – 2 contact sessions.