Training for People on the Autism Spectrum

Build your strength and fitness with a tailored program …

In consultation with the Autism Spectrum specialists at Spectrum Speech Pathology Alex has developed a personal training program to cater for the needs of individuals on the Autism Spectrum (also known as ASD). Her intuitive, thoughtful approach is respectful of each person’s difference. Individuals will benefit from Alex’s patience and encouragement.

Exercise strategies employed are designed to engage people who might feel uneasy in group classes, who are not naturally inclined to exercise, who are easily overwhelmed by noise or other distractions and who need a clear demonstration of exercises.

Andrew, an 18 year old ASD client, says:

I’ve always been left out of team sports and my local fencing club closed down.  I spend lots of time at my computer and I easily get anxious and tired.  Alex has been very good. She helps me stick with exercise and I am much stronger now.

Alex found that Andrew panicked when his heart rate rose suddenly. Alex employed a number of strategies to help him through the anxiety so he wouldn’t automatically stop exercising. Andrew likes getting stronger and seeing muscles develop. A tangible result! His mum particularly likes the increase in stamina  and the fact he seems less jittery. Fitness contributes to his overall  health, to his level of calm, and to his self-esteem which in turn will help him succeed in other areas.

According to a survey of studies conducted by the University of South Australia “ people who are regularly physically active have greater potential for neuroplasticity”†

Contact Alex  to discuss how you might work together to achieve tangible improvements in fitness and stamina.


†  Article from The Conversation, by Michelle McDonnell, Lecturer in Rehabilitation at the University of South Australia